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NCC Environmental Services (Pty) LTD is a leading consultancy providing specialist  environmental, health, safety, risk, sustainability, training and quality management services, alongside integrated conservation biodiversity management. We supply services to the construction, mining, industrial, governmental, parastatal, films, sports and events, commercial and conservation sectors, as well as private individuals.

The company was established in 2003 (known then as the Nature Conservation Corporation) and has since continued to expand its geographic footprint and partnerships internationally.

Our core purpose however, remains the same:

To conserve and create sustainable environments that enable people, planet and businesses to thrive.

Health & Safety

NCC Health & Safety is a division of NCC Group and aspires to provide its customers with passionate, qualified and competent Health & Safety Professionals whose careers are aligned to promoting a healthy and safe work environment that enables the Real Growth for People, Planet and Business.

Environmental Management

NCC has extensive practical experience in environmental management, from critical national infrastructure projects to smaller privately funded developments. Our environmental professionals are backed by an efficient support team willing to go the extra mile.

Risk Management

Risk management services focused on the internal and external factors specific to each client.
The identification and management of risk through the application of customised cost effective solutions and mitigation measures to thereby reduce overall liabilities, increase legislative compliance, reach business objectives, and the overall sustainability of the organization.

Biodiversity & Conservation

We provide to biodiversity conservation managers, conservation organisations and private landowners. Our staff, in partnership with freelance experts, provide strategic and planning advice, project development, project management, facilitation, research and spatial mapping services.

Film, Sports & Events

Successfully staging a major sports event or film shoot takes flexibility, speed, discipline and meticulous attention to detail. We advise event planners, manage and simplify the legal permissions process, manage compliance on site and reduce the risk of environmental or reputational damage.

Integrated Wildfire Services

NCC has always been involved in the provision of Integrated Wildfire Management Services (pre-suppression, suppression, rehabilitation and reporting). Through the years, NCC has continuously strived to innovate and professionalise the Wildland Firefighting industry. With its vast experience, passionate, highly capable and competent team, NCC offers a range of services to Government entities and private organisations, both locally and abroad.

Estate Management

We understand that managing a high end estate has many risks, responsibilities and liabilities. As such we’ve designed an integrated sustainability estate support service that provides a cost effective solution to support you in managing your estate. 

Featured Case Studies
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Correctly managing dams for better healthier results

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Methodical Monitoring of Dust Fallout for Compliance

Methodical Monitoring of Dust Fallout for Compliance

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Promoting environmental economic growth

Promoting environmental economic growth

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