ABOUT NCC Environmental Services

Owned and managed by Dean Ferreira, Justin Miller and Linden Rhoda, NCC Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd is a values driven
company that is driven by a common purpose to conserve and create sustainable environments that enable people, planet and business to thrive.

Real Growth for
People, Planet & Business

This isn’t a catch phrase. It’s the principle by which we live and work every day, conserving and creating truly sustainable environments. It’s also why we’ve grown to become one of South Africa’s leading SHERQ consultancies and we’re proud of that.

Our Core Values

Years of delivery

We have been providing SHERQ Consulting services throughout southern African for over 13 years.

Dedicated employee's
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We have over 132 employees spread across southern Africa


Our success is a product of our passionate, generous and grounded staff who believe in going the extra mile to enable Real Growth for People, Planet and Business.

How Can We Add Real Growth?

Our commitment and contribution to transformation and empowerment in South Africa is fuelled by NCC’s vision of Real Growth for People, Planet and Business. We serve on various human resource development panels in the biodiversity industry, providing advice on career paths, supply and demand, coaching and mentoring of students.

At NCC Environmental Services we are passionate about really understanding our clients’ business and in co-creating solutions with our clients, relying on our own internal teamwork and combining our strengths and capabilities to offer a holistic service. Our approach is to offer an outstanding service to our clients, with each of our employees receiving a full back up support service from a team of senior project managers, receiving regular and relevant training to ensure they are kept up to date with the industry and are resourced fully to enable them to do their work both efficiently and effectively. Our staff are equiped with all tools and equipment required to deliver a world class product.

Why Us
We are passionate about our vision to deliver Real Growth for People, Planet and Business. We offer peace of mind, from a reputable brand that is client focused.

Mission Statement

We Are A Trusted Partner

We are a trusted partner to major engineering and construction firms, mines, parastatals, film, sports and event production companies, municipalities, provincial and national government and conservation organisations. Drawing on our years of experience on a wide range of projects, we work with our clients to develop, implement and monitor customised services that add real value.


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• International Association for Impact Assessment South Africa (IAIAsa) – 3205
• Institute of Directors Southern Africa (IoDSA) – 23838019
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• The South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (SAIOSH) – 21962624
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• Sustainable Event Alliance Accredited Professionals (SEA)
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