Reporting Illegal Activities – Baboons

Things to note:

Gathering Evidence

  • To increase the likelihood of securing a successful prosecution, evidence will be required to support the case.
  • Video and photo evidence of the legal contravention is extremely helpful. When taking footage please try to take clear footage of the offender and a good overview of the criminal activity. i.e., when baboons are present, please try to ensure that the footage also shows this.
  • First hand eye-witness accounts supported by an affidavit can also be used to facilitate a prosecution.
  • An affidavit is a written statement made under oath. The person writing the affidavit has therefore sworn that the document contains the truth, and they can be prosecuted if it is found that information contained in the affidavit is untrue. Affidavits can be made at any police station where you will be provided with a form to fill in.

Details to be included in a witness statement (affidavit)

  • Date and time of incident.
  • Full name, surname, date of birth, and ID number of deponent (witness).
  • Who committed the offence? Describe the person(s) in detail.
  • Where did the offence take place? Street address, ERF number, farm name.
  • Were baboons present? How many? Approximate age category e.g. infant, adult? Explain in detail where the baboons were and what they were doing.
  • Explain in detail where the offender came from, moved to and the action he/she carried out.
  • What actions did you take during the event?
  • How did the offence affect the baboons?
  • Explain in detail what you witnessed after the offence took place.
  • Are there are any photos or videos which can support your statement and are these photos and videos available?
  • State what action you took after witnessing the incident.
  • Are there any other witnesses?