NCC Wildfire Services


With effective fire management planning and firefighting resources, the negative impacts of wildfires can be mitigated whilst still allowing essential natural fire-related processes to take place. Since inception in 2003, NCC Environmental Services has been involved in the provision of Integrated Wildfire Management Services (reduce, readiness, response and recover). Through the years, NCC has continuously strived to innovate and professionalise the Wildland Firefighting industry in South Africa. With its vast experience, passionate, highly capable and competent team, NCC offers a range of services to Government entities and private organisations, both locally and abroad.

Dedicated Wildfire Crews

  • Wildfire Agent Services
  • Providing Type 1 Wildland Firefighting Crews
  • Insurance Crews
  • Prescribed Burns

Planning & Risk Assessments

  • Integrated Wildfire Management Plans
  • Risk Assessments
  • Drafting plans for prescribed burns and invasive alien vegetation management

Wildfire Training & Support

  • ICS and Wildfire training
  • Providing the resources you need for wildfires
  • Burn Permit Applications