Corporate Social Investment



NCC’s vision is Real Growth for People, Planet and Business and we recognise transformation and empowerment as a core priority in delivering this vision.


Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is about thinking of business as part of the global social, economic and political sphere.
NCC’s CSI mandate is to spend a percentage of turnover to ensure that we make a Real social difference. Our objective is to support our staff and the communities in which we work and live; to get exposure; build awareness and to earn B-BBEE points as a consequence.

We concentrate on projects of:
• Sustainable environmental development
• Environmental education
• Enterprise development in the environmental


• NCC has adopted a procurement policy to include previously disadvantaged business communities while maintaining our current standards and levels

• Enterprise Development Agreements have been concluded with emerging contractors who are preferred service providers in their respective service areas

• NCC has initiated a mentoring programme with entrepreneurial SMMEs which guides them in line with Environmental, Health and Safety legislation and best practices

• NCC supports income generating opportunities in the hands of its beneficiaries


Nature Conservation: Work Integrated Learning Students:

NCC sponsors third year Nature Conservation students by funding the costs of administration, accommodation, travel, living allowance, protective clothing, IT, mentorship and coaching.

Greener Futures Academy (NPC):

The directors of NCC have established a Non-Profit Company (NPC), Greener Futures Academy, to “cultivate” the next generation of green leaders.

The Academy hosts graduates in a structured 12 month Learnership Program which equips them with the necessary experience, skills and competencies to be more suitable for employment opportunities.

Private companies are offered the opportunity to get involved, thus gaining B-BBEE skills points and tax rebates while they invest in the ‘greenies’ of South Africa.

Please have a look at the website:

NCC supports REAL GROWTH for its Suppliers

Christine’s Alien Clearing:

Christine’s Alien Clearing is owned and run by Christine Mdunyelwa, who was struggling to deliver on projects due to lack of business guidence.

NCC identified this as an opportunity to support REAL Growth for People, Business and Planet:

• NCC assisted Christine to assess her financial situation to ensure that her projects were profitable and that she was meeting her cash flow obligations

• Better payment terms and reduced rates on certain products were negotiated with clients and suppliers to make her projects more profitable

• An interest free loan was arranged. At the end of our time with Christine she had successfully completed all her projects and repaid NCC and her regular suppliers

We have made a commitment to assist her whenever she needs advice.

People Working for their Environment:

Table Mountain Fund (TMF), a subsidiary of WWF-SA, contracted NCC in 2010 to run a pilot project using CSI corporate funding from Pioneer Foods Fund to uplift communities in the Boland.

NCC managed the project which included the preparation of firebreaks, pre planned burning, alien vegetation management, erosion control, footpath building and road maintenance.

NCC added their CSI contribution to the project and the funds were used to train up 3 local contracting teams and to provide them with stable work for the rest of the year. The pilot project in the Boland Area directly benefited 35 men and women and indirectly improved the lives of approximately 175 individuals while improving the conservation status of the area.

Due to the success of the pilot project, Phase 2 was also implemented and successfully completed with a further CSI contribution from NCC.

Phase 3 of the project took place in the Eastern Cape with the assistance of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality.

NCC has entered into formal supplier agreements with the businesses from Phase 1 and 2.

NCC staff based on site do numerous CSI activities such as environmental awareness, litter clean-ups and community projects.

Operation Hungry Lynx:

In this NCC initiative our staff package non-perishable food parcels to give to the less fortunate.

Bags of dehydrated rice/soy meal fortified with essential vitamins and nutrients  repacked in a ‘production-line’ system. Each session produces approximately 250 meal packs which each feed a family of 6 people.

This event is a highlight of the NCC CSI programme and is an immensely fun and rewarding experience for all who are involved.

Funds for the packaging sessions are raised through the NCC CSI tuckshop and contributions from the business.

Groen Sebenza Internship Recruitment:

NCC was one of 33 partner companies who took part in the Groen Sebenza Jobs fund initiative led by South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI).

NCC was awarded 9 interns for a period of two and a half years. Interns were placed in an ‘incubator’ with partner organisations where they could gain experience and learn new skills throug formal training and mentoring.

The majority of the interns exited the programme as fully fledged environmentalists. Some have made their way into senior governmental positions while others are working in the UAE. We are also very fortunate that a few have decided to remain with the NCC family.


NCC’s commitment and contribution to transformation and empowerment in South Africa is fuelled by our vision of Real Growth for People, Planet and Business. In addition to the initiatives discussed above, we serve on various human resource development panels in the biodiversity industry; provide advice on career paths; and coach and mentor students. We regard this commitment as a crucial part of our contribution to the industry and to South Africa.