Baboon Management across the Cape Peninsula

NCC Environmental Services has many years of expertise in the management of interactions between humans and baboons near urban areas.

NCC’s vast experience in this field includes but is not limited to:

  • Tracking the movements of 12 troops, preventing them from entering residential areas and encouraging them to return to the natural space if they enter,
  • Training and employing over 90 people who work predominantly in the field 365 days a year,
  • Baboon captures for collaring, relocation, and welfare issues,
  • Implementation of innovative baboon management techniques,
  • Providing education and awareness to residents and businesses on the laws surrounding baboons, baboon-proofing properties, preventing unwanted interactions with baboons, and living responsibly in baboon-impacted areas,
  • Maintaining a 24/7 Baboon Hotline for the reporting of baboons in the urban area, illegal actions towards baboons and baboon injuries.

Our services regarding the management of baboons also include:

Consulting Services

  • Urban management plans
  • Strategic baboon-proof fencing plans
  • Baboon-proofing for houses and properties

Baboon Management

  • Provide rangers to keep baboons out of urban areas
  • Provide rangers to keep baboons away from special events
  • Baboon capture for collaring, relocation, and response to injury/illness


  • Interactive school programmes for kids of all ages (in classroom and in field)
  • Scientific presentations on baboon ecology, behaviour, and conflict
  • Educational stalls at fairs and exhibitions