Urban Baboon PRogramme

Background to the project

NCC Environmental Services has been appointed as the City of Cape Town’s service provider for the Urban Baboon Programme. The contract started on 1 October 2020 and will run until 30 June 2023.

NCC Environmental Services has many years of experience managing the human-baboon interface. Projects include the previous management the City of Cape Town’s Urban Baboon Programme from August 2009 until June 2012, as well as several years of preventing human-baboon interactions within the Table Mountain National Park during various events and functions.

The Chacma baboon on the Cape Peninsula

Baboons are one of the most widespread and successful among the primate genera, largely due to their adaptability, agility and intelligence. Consequently they are adept at exploiting anthropogenic food sources which results in unrivalled levels of contact with humans. The Cape chacma baboon (Papio ursinus) populations in the Cape Peninsula are no exception. 

This baboon population has been exposed to cumulative levels of human-baboon conflict as human populations grow and urban sprawl further transforms and fragments suitable baboon habitat. This conflict is exacerbated by human settlement’s preference for low lying areas where the majority of fertile and nutritious foraging for baboons occurs. While group formation is a dynamic process, there are approximately 12 troops requiring management in the Peninsula. These troops border urban development and thus require active monitoring to prevent negative interactions between the baboons and Cape Town’s residents and visitors. 

Project Area

Approximately 50 Urban Baboon Programme staff members operate in the field from sunrise to sunset every day in the following areas: Kommetjie, Ocean View, Capri, Da Gama Park, Welcome Glen, Glencairn, Groot Olifantsbos, Simon’s Town, Smitswinkel Bay, Murdoch Valley,  Tokai, Zwaanswyk, Constantia, Plateau Road and Gordon’s Bay.


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Latest Updates

The Team

NCC has put together a highly qualified and experienced team to manager the new contract.

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