Klein Dassenberg CEA Farm – archive 2

DEADP Ref. No.: 16/3/3/1/A1/2/3007/21

Project Overview

HOH Agri (Pty) Ltd, the proponent, proposes to establish a Controlled Environment Agricultural (CEA) farming operation near Atlantis on the Klein Dassenberg Road (Farm 20, Portion39), Western Cape.

The property is 34- hectares in size and the intention is to farm with a 11 hectare growing area as high-intensity farming. All required operational and auxiliary buildings to be established on the site will be an additional 5.45 ha of the property.

Open areas and protected biodiversity areas will make up the remainder of the property.

Role Players

  • ENVIRONMENTAL PRACTITIONER (EAP): NCC Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd (NCC)
  • PROPONENTS: Hydro Organic Holdings Pty Ltd.