Firefighter jacket

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Firefighter Jacket for wildland fire interventions

Fire-resistant firefighting jacket EN ISO 13688/13, EN ISO 11612/15, EN ISO 1149-5/08 and EN ISO 15614/07 with a double front layer and sleeves for great protection from direct attacks and friction and an individual back layer for better breathability.

Thermal and radiation insulation

Fabric based on NOMEX and VISCOSE FR fibers, 265 gr/cm3, for perfect thermal and radiation insulation for the user.

Raised neck at the back for nape protection. Two high-visibility reflective bands across the back.


NOMEX seams and special resistance to friction and wear inherent to a forest setting. Adjustable wrists with fire-resistant Velcro.

Four front pockets that easily open for gloves, one of them adapted to portable radios, Velcro for identification on the chest.

Extra lining

Pure cotton flame retardant protective fabric made of long-staple pure cotton.

ATPV (Arc Thermal Protective Value) 13 cal/cm2, Madeira fr-fabric certified to HRC 2 (Hazard Risk Category, NFPA 70E).

Attachment system

Attachment system for the Vallfirest mask at the neck with double Velcro. Adjustable neck-covering flap.


Oversized pocket handles for use with gloves.

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